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SV with small animals


Animal Communicator
Does anyone have small pets as well as their Savannah's? I have 4 parrots that I will raise my kitten with, does anyon hav any tips on how to make sure they all live peacefully? We didn't have any problems with our DSH, and he is very protective of his feathered family


My sister has a ferret and a SV, they get along great and actually play a lot! She might have pics to share.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
What kind of parrots do you have? I don't have any, but my daughter's Quaker put any cat in its place...either by his loud voice or his beaks...those beaks are sharp (I have the scar to prove it ;) That small parrot (robin sized) ruled the roost there.

If it were me, I would keep the birds caged until you are certain there is peace and understanding between the feathers and the furs....:)


Staff member
There have been people who have had birds and Savannahs, there have also people who have lost their birds to Savannahs. It all depends on how you set the scene. You need to understand that Savannahs descend from Servals, and birds are one of the major food groups for Servals so natural prey for Savannahs. If your parrots are kept in cages and/or in a room where the Savannah cannot reach them then they will probably be safe. If you expect them to live together in harmony side by side... well I wouldn't hold my breath on that...

I don't know what kind, or how big your parrots are, but either side could probably cause damage to the other. Even if the parrots 'taught' the the Savannah to respect them at a young age and they did fine for months or even years, it only takes a particular flutter of the wings, or a darting movement of a bird to trigger the hunt instinct in a Savannah...

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I think Patti covers it well.. it could could work for some time and end in tragedy. Most cases I have read of didn't end well even if it took years for a random fluttering of wings to set in motion that hunting instinct. Savannahs can't help but react to movement, if you just pick up a wand toy and wave it they are jumping before they think...

so I would suggest a separate room and constant supervision whenever around the birds with the cats... but realize that the cat can move faster than you and cats' mouths contain germs that kill birds even if the bite injury doesn't :-(


Animal Communicator
I have 3 large parrots (African grey, amazon, and mini macaw) and a pionus. All have been raised with our DSH but are NEVER out unsupervised. They all live in cages, and 3 live in a separate room. They will never be with the cat unsupervised, and can do significant damage, but I will always be VERY aware.