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SVs that "bury" their food?



I'm sure it's not just my cats, but what is with them "burying" their food? We can't feed them outside in their enclosure anymore because King, our F5 male, covers the dish with wood chips. Within the last few weeks the 2 boys, I noticed, were doing the same motion of standing over the bowl and pawing dirt/mulch into/onto the bowl. Mind you, this is in the kitchen, on a linoleum floor, so there is nothing for them to actually cover their dish with... It's just the motion... which they've never actually seen King do outside... And then we started to put a "pad" down, underneath their food bowls, because they're messy eaters and don't clean up after their lil' selves... and low and behold, we then find the bowls underneath the "pad"... weird kitties... :p

The 1st time I ever saw King do it was when he got dinner in the enclosure and Tully, our male Bengal, was on the leash and ate his dinner right next to the enclosure and King... They do NOT get along (Tully's kind of a dick and absolutely terrified of King) and I think King started to do it to "hide" it from Tully. We've also seen King doing the motion in the kitchen as well and thought that maybe it was a "male thing" b/c both the F3 boy kittens were doing it too, but last week Minou, our F3 marble kitten, started doing it too!!! What the heck?!?! Why are my lil' darlings so strange?!?!?! :roflmao:


Staff member
It is definitely not your savannahs - many cats do this...mine do it when they do not want what I have given them...maybe they are burying it because they don't like it and want to get rid of it from their sight :roflmao:


My ragdoll does this. He eats what he wants and when he's done he'll start burying it. Sometimes burying it means pulling the mat (or whatever is convenient) over the top of it. If there's nothing to cover with, he'll still make the motions. He's very determined about it, too. I am told he is saving the rest of the food for later. He doesn't do it when there's no food left in the bowl.

He does this for covering poo too...he'll try to cover the outside of the litterbox with imaginary dirt.

Oh, and both of them drop their toys in the water fountain to save them for later.