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SV's the ultimate bug catchers...


Chirps & Massive Headbutts
I've witnessed a new trend. Both Amaury and Shango are the ultimate bug catchers. It's not that they just even notice the bug, then go after the bug, it's that they eat the bug! A few bugs have tried to take refuge in my home, escaping the 115F heat :) . But the bugs don't pay rent and Amaury and Shango remind them of this! I've coached them too, reminding them bigger food entrees are in store for this well deserved behavior...

My other cats in the past, might, just might take notice to a bug (but often not). Rarely go after it and never eat it. Not these guys. They're 7 for 7 right now. dj


Savannah Super Cat
Yes! Nyah saw a spider in her litter box and in what seemed like fast forward speed bounced in, grabbed the spider and before I could do anything, that spider was history. I am waiting to see what kind of super powers she is going to get from this experience.


I could have used them last night. Duma was useless against the mosquito in my bedroom. I hate it when they buzz in your ears, I got no sleep. :( Duma's really good against moths, though. My DSH used to eat spiders but I have yet to see Duma go after a spider.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Flying insects do not prosper in this house that is for sure! I just hate it though when they find a moth at lights out and it is in the bedroom...the kitties landing on my head trying to get to the moth are not conducive to sleeping :-(


Savannah Super Cat
Taz likes to rip the legs off of crickets and leave the body in my husband's bathtub. He tries to take on stinkbugs, but they usually win. It's really funny to watch.