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Switching Food



Simba is coming home in a few weeks!

There is a big sale on the food he will be eating, yay! I am going to stock up now.

Well, my question is if you are getting a new kitten, how long would you wait before making a change in diet? I have heard different breeders mention anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Maybe it would depend on how quickly the kitten adjusts? I would like to switch to a higher quality food sooner than later. Let me know what you guys think.


Staff member
For all 3 of mine, I waited about 3 days which was the time it took for them to recover from the flight to my house. I gradually added more raw to their food for a few days and when they started eating the raw and leaving the other stuff, I stopped feeding the other stuff. I never had a problem with diarrhea while they adjusted to the new diet but every cat is different. Sometime poops can be a bit soft for the first week or two on a new diet until their systems adjust.

I think it's a good idea to get cats used to 2 or 3 different foods if you're feeding commercially prepared food. If one is discontinued or ingredients change and the cat stops eating it, there is a backup or two without having to go through the gradual change again. I know people who mix a few different brands together for meals for that reason.


Staff member
I waited about a week and gradually switched over - the operative word is gradual ;) Today I bought Earthborn Holistic canned and a couple of different canned foods to have some backups as Deborah mentioned. Zuri LOVES Earthborn, even though she eats whole prey and Taj sniffed and walked away...