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Trish Allearz

Hi Per,

Figured I'd toss this one at you and see what you say...

I have a friend who has a kitten diagnosed with synechia- that's the full diagnosis as far as I understand. The kitty has a hazy spot on one eye. Vet recommended terramyacin twice a day, but said that the condition will not go away.

I'm trying to research this condition, but can't really find anything online. Does synechia definitely lead to glaucoma? Is it common? What causes it?

Figured I'd pick your brain since this is one condition I haven't heard of before!


Savannah Super Cat
An iris synechia is where the iris material moves to a different area like the cornea. You many want to Google it using both terms. I had a dog that had it due to some sort of trauma. I had to have it repaired with eye graft or she would rupture the eye. I think there are other types and reasons for the displaced iris material which are not as critical. Has she had the cat seen by an animal eye guru? If I didn't do that, my dog would have lost her eye so it is really important to go the second mile with anything eye related and see an ophthalmologist.


Savannah Super Cat
Don't take any chances with eyes! If I had waited, my dog's eye would have ruputured. It would have be horrible and painful. I would have forever regretted it. She was a working border collie.

Per Lausund

Staff member
Sorry, I´ve been away for a few days, and will be going to bed soon, it´s well past midnight here. But just to start you off, there is a very concise description on wikipedia:
and pay special attention to the atropine eye drops, that is almost standard for any iris-related condition. Also, you have adhesion to the cornea or the lens, the first can give glaucoma if not treated correctly. Any iridocyclitis is an indication of an autoimmune condition, if so: that needs to be treated!
More to come...
Edit: Trauma, especially to the eye, may cause retinal damage, but that is not the most usual cause. Usual causes are autoimmune disease or some infections. If synechiae are suspected the eye should be examined by a specialist, the cause established and treatment instigated. Keeping the iris open is usually the best way of preventing the build-up of synechiae and reduces the risk of follow-on problems.
Night, all!