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Taj and his Hyendry Toy


LOL it sure looks like he was having a blast! We have just launched a couple new items too! I'm thinking the "Toobinator" might be a hit with the bunny kickers in the bunch! There are 2 options... full denim or 1/2 rabbit, 1/2 canvas. They are 10" long, 3" wide and stuffed with catnip and bells. No poly stuffing in these. :)
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I may need to try these. I have a few bunny kickers here (-:


We got two different hyendry toys for nailah. One was not savannah proof and she ended up eating it, and vomitting it up for several hours. This was the flutter hyde toy. Fortunately, not impaction. Then Nailah almost got strangled on the wire after it snagged on her collar. These were two very scary moments for us. The divateaser is much more savannah proof, we took it off of the wire and she LOVES it. I just feel like I have a responsibility to warn the community about the danger of the wire connecter and the flutter hyde attachment.

The thicker pieces are great and SVs love them.


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Thank you, Rylie! I'm sure Lori will be working on that. Glad to hear the others worked out though!