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Tales from Freya's home


Savannah Adult
Heya, not sure if you'll remember, but I popped in real quick a few months ago concerned about my SV's sleeping habits. Spoiler alert: She was just being a kitten, and she was tired from doing lots of growing.

Freya (F5/SBT) is six months old now, and we're looking at getting her fixed soon. The housecats are both females so it's not THAT urgent that she be spayed, but I'd rather not have to deal with the yowling.... Plus I've heard that females in heat who don't have toms readily available WILL spray in order to attract them. NO THANKS.

My mom and stepdad came to stay with us for 5 days over Thanksgiving. Mom bought three different kind of (all natural!) cat treats, and once Freya figured out that the Stranger was actually a Source of Tasty Noms, she turned her fuzzy-kitten-hypnosis on FULL BLAST, and my mother has returned to her side of the country thinking that a hyperactive, scary-smart cat might just be the pet perfectly suited her her reclusive, sedentary life. (THANK GOD she's heard enough of my "this cat is insane" stories to know better than to fall for it...)

Freya also escaped one night when the parents were here. We went to a late showing of Catching Fire. The husbeast stayed home. Based on what he's told us about his time home with her, and what we experienced, she snuck out the door when the three of us got back, and she couldn't have been outside longer than 10 minutes. Still, this was enough to spurr me into action. She'd outgrown her kitten collar, so we got her a nice cat collar (black with rhinestones!) and attached the tag that has her name and our phone numbers to it, as well as the tag from the vet with the date of her last rabies vaccine. She couldn't have been out there longer than 10 minutes, but she DID sneak out without three grown adults noticing, and what if next time, she sneaks past while we're on our way out?

It only took me a couple of days to remove the bell.... Freya figured out in record time that she was trading stealth for the ability to make humans wake up whenever she wanted. The tags still jingle, but I can sleep through it now.

SPEAKING of sleeping through things... I have been working on teaching her good "human wake-up" protocols. Its been a long, painful process, and the collar with the bell definitely set us back a bit, but we've almost got it down. When she's running around and making lots of noise, I ignore her. When she starts attacking my feet under the covers, I toss her out of bed. But when she approaches and gives me kitty kisses and head-boops, then I get up and give her, and the housecats, their morning wetfood.

Pics to come in the pics board. :D