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Teamwork ...

Those of you that have multiple savannahs have your kitties ever worked together in accomplishing a goal?

Two circumstances that happened yesterday. First somehow during the days normal events we had a large fly come into the house (much to the fly's dismay). Well as the saying that I picked up from here and love goes "if it flies it dies" lol ... Zeus had some how done something to make it so the fly couldn't fly any more, then the boys took turns for the next 10 minutes tormenting the unfortunate fly. Shortly after that the fly was no where to be found. Needless to say I wasn't accepting kitty kisses for the rest of the day. ;)


So I was at the store and saw rotisserie chicken on sale for 4.99 I was like wow the boys would surely like some of that, so I bought one and brought it home. So I'm breaking the chicken up with my fingers so it can cool (was burning my fingers, but was worth it for the boys). When all of a sudden I hear a clamor from the counter ... Zeus decided the the water in the little plastic cup my son had left out on the counter looked better than the water in their bowl, so had knocked it over then proceeded to play with the cup. As soon as I went over to clean it up, of course Abu was all over the chicken that I was breaking up for them, as I chased Abu off, Zeus thought he would get his share. The boys certainly played me!!

I would really like to hear how your furry friends have worked together towards a common goal :)


Staff member
Haha...guess you did get played ;) I will have to think about this teamwork thing...


Staff member
Oh yes, this is fairly common for those really smart Savannahs who have figured out that teamwork accomplishes more - we have some really smart cats!! :big grin:

Trish Allearz


I vaguely remember someone pushing a pot off the counter so another cat could snag meat... No, wait- that may have happened more then once :S Fool me once- shame on you, fool me twice- LOL.


Staff member
I think the resemblance between velociraptors and savannahs is eery when it comes to teamwork. Mine work together to hunt bugs and toys. But, they are superb at besting me and DH when it comes to food. Their distraction techniques are superb and even when DH and I work as a team in the kitchen, we are usually defeated. It galls.