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Teething... what age


Savannah Super Cat
Hi we have two10 month old f6sbt one of which has started chewing on random objects with her back teeth I did a quick Internet search and teething is normally at around 3 - 5 months with dsh kittens is it later with SVs bearing in mind they are later generation? could it be an issue with her adult teeth coming through or could there be another cause?

I haven't seen any problem with her teeth but haven't as yet got my fingers involved and had a good look. Any help appreciated thanks.

Trish Allearz

I haven't really seen any issues with teething here, but when I've heard of it in kittens- it is young. Spice- my cinnie girl who went home- had really bad teething pain for about a week. She exhibited chattering and I think drooling- and the ER vet and regular vet gave her some meds for it.

BUT molars tend to come in last so it still very well could be teeth. I would just keep an eye on her and ensure she's chewing appropriate toys and not cords or things that will hurt her.


Savannah Super Cat
Yeah my kitten ended up swallowing what looked like a little black round rubber stopper. Luckily she needed to be spayed at the time so the vet spayed her and removed the object. I do not have any furniture with the rubber on the bottom and I have no idea where she got it from. I'm not sure if she was teething or not. Being a new savannah owner I had no idea how much baby sitting I'd be doing. She gets into EVERYTHING. She can open any cabinet, any drawer, etc. I've had to go through everything and get rid of or lock up anything I think would be hazardous. And she will worries me. I jump out of bed in the middle of the night if I hear any chaos to make sure she doesn't have something. She s such I bad girl. ;) I heard some Savannah's are like this and some aren't. But she's worth the extra care.


Savannah Super Cat
thanks guys ill keep an eye on what's she's chewing ... she wanted so much fuss yesterday too, hopefully she'll be over it in a couple of days .