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John Popp

Site Supporter
Dino has been teething and has an incessant desire to chew on fingers. We do not play with him at all with our hands and he starts whining when you won't let him have access to your fingers. He certainly isn't biting hard and is in more discomfort than I can ever remember any of our other cats being.

Anyway, it's really getting problematic as he seeks out fingers and toes while we're sleeping.

Also, sorry I haven't been around much, just been really buried with work and getting the home put back together.


Staff member
I bought a variety of hard rubber things with ridges and bumps on them from the dog toy section at PetSmart when Atticus was going through this. Every time he went for fingers or toes, I put one of the toys in his mouth. He would chew on them with gusto. i have some pictures on my phone and will post them later.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Have you tried puppy chew toys? I agree, you just don't want him chewing your fingers...

Also, have you tried offering food like raw chicken wings? Chewing on the bones may really help him right now too...

John Popp

Site Supporter
Only a chunk of bunny has worked outside of him going for the fingers. Trish bought him a bunch of the standard issue puppy and dog chew toys and he seems to have zero interest.

John Popp

Site Supporter
Yep, that's what he has been getting the last few days. Bone in rabbit chunks. They definitely crunch louder than I remember the chicken bones crunching.

I just need a way to make a bunny spine portable without making a mess.


Staff member
John, he doesn't need to show interest int he puppy teething toys...they are more there to stick in his mouth when he goes for fingers or bring them to bed with you ;) I have had to do this with every litter of kittens when teething...