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Temperature-sensitive kitty


and his servant, Paul
Does anyone else have a SV that suffers from heat stroke? I just drove seven hours with a cabin temperature of probably 50 F (and the air blowing) to keep Nitro from complaining/panting. I've also noticed that he actively avoids sunbeams, and doesn't do well on walks outside when it's a little warm.

I thought servals came from a warmer climate, so I'm quite puzzled by this behavior. Any advice?


Staff member
Are you sure his panting wasn't from nervousness traveling in a car? What temp do you keep your home in - certainly not 50F?! My home temp is kept in the low 80s in the summer and I've not had any Savannahs have a problem with it.


and his servant, Paul
I've taken him on a LOT of short trips. I'm sure the nervousness has something to do with it, but surely a cat wouldn't be nervous for seven hours straight. Even if he ended up falling asleep on my lap for most of this return trip.

Also, I keep my place at 64 F in the winter and 75 F (I think...don't quote me on that) in the summer.


Savannah Super Cat
I thought cats in general like warm places. 50 degrees seems super cold. My male savannah seems to dislike heated areas and the female seems to like heated areas and the sun though.

During the winter nights we have a heater for them facing their bed but they have numerous sleeping choices throughout the house if they don't like the heat. But we try to stay a consistent 78 around this house and have options available to them with beds, blankets and heaters if colder.

When I was younger I had dogs that panted in the car. It got bad in one of them and he would forget to swallow his saliva. It was due to nervousness and/ or car sickness so not sure if it was the heat making your savannah pant.

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
My savannahs love the warmth, up to a point. I have a heated cat bed. It has a high occupancy rate during the cold months. But my cats do not like the hot humid summer days of Chicago. Gets above 95 or so and they want back into the A/C.

Trish Allearz

We live in a state that can get over 115 degrees and my SVs have not suffered even though we do not keep the house super cool during the summer months (maybe 80ish? degrees).


Staff member
I agree with brigitte and everyone else...sounds like nervousness or car sickness. Try Nutricalm or something like Lilac or Rescue Remedy before trips like that. With Nutricalm, you need to give for a couple of days before a trip for it to kick in...I drove to NC from Nj with Zuri and she slept the entire way.