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test of courage with Leo



Encouraged by your welcome, I am giving you the link of a short video of a test I have done with Leo (also to see if it works, I am not good with these things).

He will most probably be the most difficoult to get on with a savannah. The other two cats are older and quite, but Leo is abt. 4-5 years old and very lively.
He is always in the same room where other people are and almost always ready to play..
Even with a house-seller who came to us to propose a house, he jumped on the table and started playing with his hands (you know italians move their hands when speaking and you also can imagine that the seller turn out with "what a nice lively cat..." It was hard for me not to laugh on his face). Sometime we have troubles when Leo wants to play with the other two and they don't. Probably a Savannah would be a good game firend for Leo but I noticed him quite aggressive with foreign cats who were guested by us for a few days (we had to keep them in a separate room).
Anyway I will post in case more specific questions in the proper thread.


Staff member
YOu would introduce them slowly Luciano and quarantine for 2 weeks, so hoepfully they would get used to each other that way.

The video link did not work for me :(