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That Moment...

This is that picture of that 'moment' I keep telling you about... Remember how I've told all you newcomers that there will be a moment when a certain kitten/cat will say to you via pictures or video or maybe in person (if you are lucky), "You must belong to me!"?

This picture was that moment for me. I could have cried when I saw these pictures online. I had to have this kitten...


This was the very first picture I saw of Simon when Kim was posting him as available. Oh yeah- I was head over heels in love with that boy! Still am- he's lucky because he's a big brat! ROFL!


Staff member
Wow - he was and is a gorgeous boy!!!! I can see why you wanted him...for my first Savannah cat, I wanted a pet and didn't know anything about type, personality, etc. I lucked out with Taj - he is just a laid back, social butterfly.
I showed Hubby Simon's baby pic in black and white- and said, this is a Serval- just painted the wrong color! ROFL. As much as an F1 is Servallesque- Simon has the looks- he's just a 'horse of a different color'.