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That time of the


Savannah Super Cat
It's flea treatment day! After managing to scare the living Shia lebluff out the cats they have been treated. Even my docile Jengo gave me issues. I tried to catch them while they were eating because a plane could crash through the house and they wouldn't notice while they are filling their faces. I got it on them and tries to rub it in to only have to chase them around the house. I caught Jengo and sat on hi and got his rubbed in - he's under the bed pouting and Biz I just held until it was rubbed it but he can't be goaded with treats to come near me.

Any tips to make it easier so I, not chasing cats to rub in their flea treatment? It was pretty hilRious and may I add Jengo is getting ballsy! He never runs, he's so meek and sweet. Biz is a bad influence, lol. I know they'll be over it by lunch time but I feel bad. I really need to treat them as Biz has had an ongoing issue with tapeworm and while no fleas have been found I still won't take any chances right now. He just got his last pill last week so I just want to make sure I'm doing everything I can to keep him healthy and by proxy Jengo gets what Biz gets.


Reincarnated cat Moderator
If my Azidi forgives me for all the HORROR I cause her, the Jengo will be fine. No worries, ok Charly? I used to feel bad becaue I would have to ground my kids. But they still like me a little....


Savannah Super Cat
Haha - he's under the bed and willing to eat treats but when I touch him he turns his fat butt to me. Total rebellion. Biz has already forgotten.

It must've been a hilarious sight watching me run after these two with a latex glove on yelling "here kitty! Mommy loves her baby! Mommy loves her baby!" It felt more like a game because if either if them were really scared they have their hidey spots, neither went for the hidey spots straight away. They just enjoyed making me work!


Site Supporter
We tag team. Mike picks up the kitty, I apply revolution, we offer good treats (steak/chicken/turkey), and we repete. D is the most difficult uprisingly enough so he is first, Mickey second Jarvis last.
They also hate medicine day.


Savannah Super Cat
I think it's bizarre that flea meds bug them. Seriously, it's just rub, rub, rub and done. I may either need to lock them in a room with me where there is no place to hide or tag team. I would think this would be a walk in the park for them considering they have both been pilled before.

By dinner time all was forgiven, lol.

Treats sort of work but they are both smart enough to try to paw at them and not get too close for rubbing. They continue to outsmart me!


Savannah Super Cat
It's so true though! It used to be easy when it was just Jengo and he was afraid of the world. Biz ruined everything! Hahahahaha! It's two against one now!