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That time of year again - A Christmas Tree Idea with Savannah's in mind!


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I already have a I bolt in the ceiling to keep the tree from hitting the ground.. I would need at least 2 more of I did that lol..

Have a happy and Healthy everyone

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I use one of the outdoor trees that you can use tent spikes to stake it to the ground.
I add three cement blocks on the legs to hold it in place.
Seem to work. Bella being older seems to not be into tree crashing as mush anymore.
Pan and Athena on the other hand have put more table lamps on the floor than I care to count.
Do to that, most of the lamps are off the low tables and sitting on the floor.

Everyone, have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and an all around Joyful Season.
May your kitties get all the boxes and paper they crave.

John Campbell

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I must say Elsa and Christmas Trees.... Her 1st Christmas she checked out the tree real close... Three was a Blue French Horn decoration that got her attention, she sniffed it and checked it out, and ever since then, she has not had any reaction to the Christmas Tree, other than sitting or laying under the tree. Has never done any Savandalism LOL. Once when she was about 1 year old she accidentally rubbed up against a cup that was on the counter and it fell off and broke... and I kind of take the blame for that one as it was sitting too close to the edge!