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the anticipation has started in!

Lil Demon's Mom

Savannah Super Cat
Its only 3 more weeks until our new baby gets to come home!!!

We're crazy excited!!!!!!!

We've been stocking up on all kinds of cool/fun toys, treats, a horizontal scratcher, stuffing-less teddy bear, food/water dishes, etc. We still have a few things left on the list to purchase, but I need some advice on a few of the things. What type of kitty hygiene products are best (shampoo, tooth-care, etc.)?

Is there a particular brand of pine litter that is best?


Staff member
How very exciting, I'm sure you're counting the days as they drag by! Cats are pretty clean animals, I would not recommend routine bathing. The only time I spruce up a cat is before a show, and for that I use a waterless shampoo.

Do you have any recent pics of your baby you can post?

Lil Demon's Mom

Savannah Super Cat
@ Patti- I uploaded 3 albums of the photos that I have of our new little bundle of joy! I'm still trying to figure out how to attach some to my threads though :(

I wouldn't want to bathe him everyday, just want to have the stuff around for when we do need to bathe him. Will any cat shampoo work okay, or do I need to be concerned about grain products there as well?

And as to oral care, do I need to make sure that they don't have grain or any other special dietary restrictions?

what is your opinion of nylabone products for our new kitty?


Staff member
I find it very hard and time consuming to locate anything in the albums. It's easy to attach a pic, just click on the 'Upload a File' button next to the 'Post Reply' button at the bottom of the message box then follow the links to upload the pic (be sure to insert as a thumbnail, we'll be able to expand it by clicking on it).

I think any cat shampoo is safe, the waterless will be the least traumatic. Even if your guy loves the water (and not all Savannahs do), he may not appreciate being soaked and lathered up.

I've never had much luck getting cats interested in nylabones, but there's no harm in trying. Kibble is supposed to help keep teeth clean, if you're planning on feeding kibble. If not (and I'm not sure how much I believe that theory anyway), raw bones (e.g., chicken necks) can help clean teeth. Honestly, I've never had a problem with any of my cat's teeth except my old many who was 18 years old.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Different from Patti, I think it good to bathe a kitten at least once or twice when young, just so they get used to the process.. and that it is over quickly and not too traumatic. Then if you need to bathe as adults they can be a little calmer. I think it best if you have a tub with a hand shower attachment for this...that is how we do ours here. And yes, a shampoo formulated for pets is best...the pH of pet shampoos is different from human shampoos.

I know some use Nylabones for their kittens, I've never found mine at all interested in them...not even my beagle cares for them! LOL!

Like Patti, I find it hard to fish through the albums, it is definitely easier if you want us to see your baby to attach a pic to this thread...

You mention a horizontal scratcher... have you also gotten a cat tree that incorporates a vertical scratcher? I ask because not only does a cat like to have some high places to perch (although shelves can fulfil that need too) but not all cats like the horizontal ones and prefer to stretch upwards when scratching...hence the reason many cats are known to go for the couch. But then some do prefer horizontal ones (and otherwise they'd likely claw the rug instead) so it's best if you offer both sorts to a kitten to see which they seem to prefer...

As to pine litter, whichever one you find easiest to source works!

Lil Demon's Mom

Savannah Super Cat
@Brigitte- After weeks of searching, I finally found a cat tree that isn't completely covered in carpet, instead has some carpet with sisal rope for scratching. I'm going to order it soon, I bought the horizontal scratcher because I wouldn't have the cat tree before Schrodinger comes home. Thanks for the advice! I knew I needed pet specific shampoo, just didn't know if I needed to take any special precautions in choosing one. We have 2 sweet female schnauzers, a border collie/cocker spaniel mix, and a grouchy old Russian Blue. the girls go to the groomer regularly and the Russian Blue and Border Collie/Cocker mix get bathed (the Russian Blue also has those kitty bath wipes that we use) at home every few weeks, so Schrodinger will definitely receive regular baths/cleaning.


Savannah Super Cat
Congrats on your lil darling. Once you have the date set time sure does drag. But I found little projects to prepare were a good solution I made my own scratcher it's not beautiful it's cardboard I stacked and cut into a post. Sure it was time consuming sure I ran through 4 bottles of glue but it was worth it to me. I also think I will be making my own perch later with shelf pieces fence post carpet and rope. if I had more time I would have made it already. I love arts and crafts. =] keep us posted on any new pictures!! Which breeder did you choose?

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