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The Antser, Ant proof platform and barrier

John Popp

Site Supporter
Wondering if anyone has tried this product.

Where I live there are lots of ridiculously old oak trees and plenty of carpenter ants in the spring. They are really more of a nuisance and about every 3 years I have needed to break out the heavier stuff at the foundation of our home.

I definitely never like to use any pesticides inside our home and especially around our cats. My wife however has some sort of crazy phobia about ants, and if we had firearms in our home I am sure she would have resorted to them.

Anyway, if it were to work, it would be an ideal product to deal with the issue.


Eddies a ham!
I agree with the firearm approach; EWWW GET IT!!! George (English Mastiff) looks at me like I'm nuts, sighs, & usually EATS it! lol, I do love my dog!


The ants here are too smart for that stuff. Yeah, about every 2-3 years they figure out a way in. I use this stuff and it works great. From what I understand, they get it on their feet, then ingest it, and it makes them explode while their friends are watching, which acts as a deterrent telling them "this is the wrong way to march." If you mix it with sugar they will bring it back to the nest to feed the babies. Yes, I feel a little guilty knowing I'm causing them to explode and all the emotional anguish of those who are watching, but it was worse when I was squishing them by hand because there were so many, and squishing them wasn't nearly as permanent.

This guy filmed the mass murder:


John Popp

Site Supporter
For out door use I use a product called Termidor. Two laps around the house, once spraying a foot up the foundation and a second lap around spraying a foot away on the ground. One day later you might see an ant wobbly, lethargic and confused and in 48 hours there are none. Even at the the source of where the ants are.

Just the same, I know it's some seriously nasty stuff and I am willing to be accepting of annual ant sitings where I don't need a second hand to count them. My wife on the other hand that is 1-5 times too many.

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
Are you talking about your rebuild? Boric Acid powder, not crystals, is downright nasty on ants. It can be toxic to animals. The trick.... If you are around when they are studding out the foundation, drop the powder on the exterior side of the base stud. This would be between the bricks and the base stud. Eventually, the insulation, vapor barrier, and wallboard will seal it out and away from animals. It is stays dry in that area, it will last forever.


Staff member
Why not use diatomaceous earth. Non toxic and effective at keeping creepy crawlies out of the house. Spread a line of it around the foundation. One con is that it needs to be reapplied after rain or wind but is safe for the environment and animals (as long as they don't inhale a lot of it).

John Popp

Site Supporter
Backing up a second, I haven't had an ant problem for a few years that I was concerned enough to treat outdoors. Just curious about the little platform thing.