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The Big Picture....1,2,3.....

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Just a friendly reminder to all forum members....long-time and new PLEASE upload your pics as thumbnails! It's easy to do. After you click "Upload a File"; your pic will appear below that as a small image. There are two options given to the right of the pic to insert it; "Thumbnail" and "Full View". You will click on "Thumbnail"....then click either the "Create Thread" button if you are starting a new thread, or "Post Reply" if you are adding a pic to an existing thread.

Everyone will still be able to see your entire pic while it is in Thumbnail mode by clicking on it, and it will enlarge. Posting pics "Full View" and full size slows down the performance of the Forum, and we certainly don't want that :) In addition, it is a lot of extra work for the mods to resize them for you.

Some of you who upload pics via Tapatalk may not have the Thumbnail option. You can also use Irfanview on your home computer to make pics smaller, and use Simple Resize on an IPhone or Ipad. There may be other apps such as Photoshop to make pics smaller.

1. Upload a File (your pic or other image)
2. Click the "Thumbnail" button
3. Click either "Post Reply" or "Create Thread"

It's as easy as 1,2,3......:)


Savannah Super Cat
When I upload on tapatalk, lately I've been uploading my photos smaller since everyone should be now uploading as thumb nail, is that ok? Or should I still try and make them smaller? I feel bad if I'm being a jerk and uploading any too big