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the daily ritual



This video would be my 25-lb ragdoll, every morning. So for perspective, make the human half that size and the cat three times that size and it's about right.


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Our F5 boy D delights in smacking me in the face to wake me up, then snuggling, purring, and holding my hands while HE goes to SLEEP.

Kurt Mylar

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My Snow Bintu does this every morning. She peeks her head up no both sides of the bed. Than jumps up on my wife's side and gets no response then jumps from her side to mine then back to my wife's side. Then likes my wife's nose wife turns head then she bites and pulls her hair to get her to get the morning treat. My yells at Bintu to lay down so she will jump back to my side and starts to lick my nose. I get up walk around the bed to get the treats for all the cats because they all hear Bintu and my wife yelling at Bintu to get off of her. I try to put the treat on the ground but they want to eat on my wife's side so Lily will grab the treat and jump on her mommy to eat the treat this happens every at 4:00am every morning. When I saw this video I was laughing so hard I had tears. Then I showed my wife the video and she started to laugh and yell to her sister that's what Bintu does every morning to her. So the video was a good tool to show my wife's sister what happens in my bedroom every night HAHA! was a good laugh.


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Hey guys....there is such a thing called a is very easy to use!!:roflmao:

But then instead of meowing on your bed, they are meowing outside your door!

I got lucky with Zeddie, she is very well behaved at night...she doesn't even wake up when my mom wakes up now! Tiger on the other hand....he would be exactly like this