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the escape artist....


Savannah Super Cat
I dont know if you other owners out there have this problem but Gahnja is obsessed with the outdoors....he has 4 big windows to sunbathe on thruought the house and since its getting cooler we just raise it up and let him chill up against the screen.....BUT with that bieng said hes made it clear that hey...i wanna be outside every time i even crack my door he literally makes a run for it, hes already been accidently closed in the door a few times just because hes so fast and quiet thhat i didnt know he was even there till i here thud RAWWRAWRR! lol....i dont want him to get hurt but i also cant have him get out becaus ei already know that would be good game...we live in the country in texas so its just open land for him to go adventure in lol but what should i do thats practical? i cant leash him up every time i step outside to take the trash out or bring in groceries! anyone have any tips?


Savannah Super Cat
Man I feel you.. this happened to our lovely kitten Lola. At the end we had to let her go out cause she loved it and cried when we wouldnt allow her to go out. The backyard is safe, 4 houses in the back with little gardens to climb around and play. After that of course there is the street, little street not very busy that leads down to the seafront of the city. We live on the ground floor and have 6 possible exits for any cat. No need to mention that during the summer ( May-October ) The house has open windows and doors to keep the air circulating, temperatures are high around 28-42 Celsius with high humidity. Long story short one year later we found her dead under my landlords car :( idea what happened to her or she died. this is going to be our first and biggest challenge this time. We even think to move to another place when our contract ends in January, not sure yet. The Real estate market doesnt offer many good options but we will go for more safety when we get our baby. You say you live in the country... is it open space ? to you own a big piece of land ? sorry for the intrusion but you could perhaps build him a Big enclosure or even better a "Park" for Ganhja :) . He would like that I think ..


Check out the enclosure thread. I think you can see examples and get a few ideas to spark your own imagination.


Animal Communicator
My 4 1/2 month old is starting to test it too...her big bro is allowed outside (for his and our sanity) so she doesn't get why she isn't allowed, but I'm trying to teach her she can only go out on leash


Staff member
You can use a scat mat and/or the can with compressed air that gives off an alarm and squirt of air when they go near the door.


Our two 3 1/2 month olds are getting really bad about this too... Especially in the morning when my wife is only semi-conscious and struggling just to remember to put pants on... It's gotten a little better now that they have full access to the basement which means full access to the enclosure. Granted, I had to move my little tube amp workshop to the "Bengal Floor" which the mrs isn't thrilled about, but high voltages and kittens don't mix...

I think an outdoor enclosure is a MUST for SV owners. We don't see them much anymore now that they can go out whenever they want... They LOVE it out there. Tardis actually took a nap in the rain the other day.

Oh, so we finally named the "silver" male kitten... Tardis Ardemis McMittens. Yes, I am a HUGE Dr. Who fan. Yes, I'm a not-so-cleverly-disguised nerd. And no, I wasn't the one that named him Tardis... That was my wife. Kinda hot, yes?!?! :in love: I am, however, responsible for the Ardemis McMittens... Every cats last name should be McMittens.

In summary:
Outdoor enclosures = good
Kittens bolting out the door = bad
Ridiculous cat names = good
High voltages and kittens = bad
Cats named McMittens = good


Staff member
I used a water bottle. Kept it outside the front door and armed myself with it, opened the door, aimed, & fired at whichever cat was contemplating an escape. Now they sit down like good boys when the front door opens and wait for permission to move.


Savannah Super Cat
I used a water bottle. Kept it outside the front door and armed myself with it, opened the door, aimed, & fired at whichever cat was contemplating an escape. Now they sit down like good boys when the front door opens and wait for permission to move.

What happens if they like water and showers and swimming ...etc...