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The Guessing Game!!!


Savannah Super Cat
So can you guys who's the F1,F2, & F6??????


Savannah Super Cat
Well I can see no one has trouble sporting that f1 lol but the f6 and the f2 seem to be the tricky one!! So to answer that question left to right. F6SBT better known as flint aka flinty when he is meowing around the house looking for the middle F1 his girly friend Zika lol. Last but not lease Kato our F2 and he is a big boy at 10 months weighing in at 16 lbs standing at 15 3/4 inches!!! Thank for playing, was trying to add some amusement to us savannaholics day!

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Well, I was way off. I was thinking that the cat on the left was still a kitten and the one on the right was a full grown F6 cat (with a serious goofball expression!). How old is the F6?