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The Maclaw Wheel Indoor cat wheel


Savannah Super Cat
Can anyone give me a review on this?
I was going to order one. The wheel is 666.00 and shipping from UK is 968.00 for a total with fees of 1796.00

I don't mind spending the money but the wheel better be outstanding. Very well built and quite.
I would like feed back from those who have purchased one.


Staff member
Sorry, I've never heard of it before so can't comment one way or the other. Is there a link to their website?


Staff member
Oh yes, I've seen this before. It looks really nice but I'm not sure I would spend that much money on it, when you can purchase one in the states for half that.


Savannah Super Cat
I have already posted that i am getting this wheel...

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Is that the price you were quoted at as well? I was really interested in it and was waiting to hear your experience with it, but nearly $1800 for a wheel is outrageous.