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The Milk has gone dry....


Savannah Super Cat
So last night i wake up at like 3am to use the bathroom and when i get out i look for the kitties cause theres usually at least 1 on the bed and there were none. So i go down to the guest bedroom cause they like hanging out in there for some reason and there all sleeping in there. i go lay on the bed next to them and start petting.

Well Nyah who's like 12 weeks now in cuddled next to my Bengal Amber. Then Nyah starts to suck on one of Amber's tits tryin to get milk. also doing the whole kneading thing on her while shes trying to get some milk out. Amber didnt seem to mind and was just licking her. idk how long she tryed to get milk but it was pretty funny. after a couple min i left to go sleep but she was still tryin to get milk when i left.... LOL

Angie Panczak

Savannah Super Cat
Haha, my kittens started trying to nurse on my F4 who isn't their mom this week too. She actually is encouraging it. I think it's time for her to have babies again. The kittens have also tried to nurse on my Parson dog, that didn't fly. I think it is just so soothing for them.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
It was funny at a cat show he was in the benching cage with three kittens nursing on him...and spectators would pass by, do a double-take and say "is that the mom?" with a confused look on their face which went to shock when I replied "No, that is their Uncle Georgie!" LOL!

And then I had to carry him to rings with a wet belly from their nursing...


Staff member
My friend Peggi had a Chesapeake Bay Retriever girl who had never been pregnant or had a litter of pups but would allow any and all kittens to nurse on her, and produced milk when they did!