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The Mysterious And Scary Outside World!


Savannah Super Cat
Hey guys,

This week I decided to take Ayrad outside few minutes each day to give him a breath of (no so) fresh Los Angeles air.

First encounters with the outside world results = Scary for him. I found him a sweet green spot with trees right in front of my building complex to play around a little bit, but he didn't seem much interested than looking around and be scared of the surroundings. He was sometimes curious, sometimes very scared but he didn't explore much, he sate most of the time, the 3 times we went out.

I was wondering if I should keep on taking him out to get him used to it and maybe he eventually will enjoy it or just leave him live his life in my apartment because every time he gets back he's STOCKED to be in his territory.

And also he meet my neighbor small dog at the door, I tried to let them meet up but as the dog was cautiously approaching Ayrad he went WILD hissing, mohawk of hair dressed on his fur and puffy tail and tried to jump and attack the poor dog lol I catch him before he landed his attack tho (My arms can testify)

A little ago I told my girl she could bring her small dog next time she come by to make them meet (I was hoping maybe to play together) but now I wonder if it's a good idea? I want him to meet other animals but first encounters was kinda scary !

What are you thoughts?


Staff member
It is always scary at first and the more you take them out, the less scary it will be...but honestly, not every cat likes to go out and Ayrad may be one of them...My Taj LOVES to be outside and walk...Ixas likes it and Cinny hates it...

As for dog need to take the intros want them to be friends, so maybe have Ayrad on one side of a door and your girl's dog on the other and let them sniff each other through the door...see how that goes...


Staff member
I think if Ayrad doesn't like the outdoors you shouldn't force it on him, and just be thankful that he is one Savannah that will likely not bolt the door to get outside and be lost to you. As for the dog, if your friend can bring him over in a carrier or crate that he can be kept in during the visit, they can meet each other in a safe way. If either shows true fear however, I would remove the pup and try again at another time.


Savannah Super Cat
Thank you Paige and Patti!

I'll definitely not force it on him. He loves his kingdom aka my apartment I can tell by how stocked he is when he gets back so it's very cool with me.

I just want to take him out to please him so if he doesn't like it I will stop taking him out.

As for the dog thanks for the advice I'll try the very slow introduction with crate or through the door and I'll let you know how it goes! And if they go crazy well we'll have to stop trying lol

Funniest thing of going out was people reactions, in 10 minutes I got asked me if he was a Lynx, a Mountain Lion, A Cheetah... haha Yeah right.


Staff member
I was going to suggest putting him in a cat carrier or small cage when he's outside. If it's a cage, cover part of it with a blanket or sheet. If he feels protected, it may calm him down enough for him to get used to the sights and sounds of life in a big city. BUT, I think a pet stroller might be the best solution. My very large F2 Maliik is scared to death of walking jackets & leashes but he loves to go for walks in his pet stroller. He's a big chicken about everything actually, so to get him used to the stroller, I first put him in it and just on the front porch with him for a few days, then took him on very short walks (1/2 block) for a few days, then increased the distance. It didn't take him long to figure out that he was safe from all the scary noises, people, and dogs he met along the way. does it need gas.jpg

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I agree with the others that if you try it a few times and Ayrad just doesn't enjoy it, then be happy he wishes to be an indoor only kitty!

A pet gate (or baby gate) across a doorway can really help a cat and dog get to know each other...the cat always has the option of escape over the gate, so can choose when they interact. Over time, it won't be necessary and most likely Ayrad will totally dominate the dog as it should be :)