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The Nose Question


Savannah Kitten
Hello everyone,

I read somewhere that even if a kitten has a black nose doesn't guarantee they will have a black nose as an adult.

Does anyone have more information, or has experienced this??

Well, our kitten, Abu, was born with a solid black nose- as far as the naked eye could discern. It has since turned into a red star with a black outline.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Generally speaking, unless both parents are black nosed tabbies, (so silver spotted or brown spotted) there is no guarantee that a kitten's black nose will remain black.

What can make it more likely is if they are overall very dark and dramatic, the charcoal cool-toned tabbies seem to have more black noses as adults... see these pics of Jumoke as a baby and as adult.

It seems rare to see a warm-toned golden bst end up keeping the black nose, it does happen occasionally but generally those ones tend to end up with a pink center...



Site Supporter
I love seeing the transformation- and not just his nose! Would be fun to see more pics of kittens to adult in a new thread


Site Supporter
Oooh. Can't wait. Thanks! Matojo just turned 6 months and I can see his features changing but he still very kitteny looking. I LOVE how he looks but interested to see how he matures.


I love seeing the transformation- and not just his nose! Would be fun to see more pics of kittens to adult in a new thread
Yes that is actually a very common theme in other forums I have noticed. Maybe it would be fun to have a sticky, kitten to adult? Or even an entire section for all the different photo categories, for F1, F2, Nonstandard, Kittens, Kittens - Adulthood, etc.