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The Savannah Shameful Secret

Hi Everyone,

So I figured I'd bring up the shameful, hidden side of Savannahs... The painful secret they keep to themselves and don't want exposed to the world... The... The...


If you've never heard of this painful, shameful, Savannah secret- read up on it here...

Does your kitty have this? Simon does. Badly. LOL. His weeble-wobbles almost to his knees. Sometimes, it is worse then other times- like this time of year, it's bigger and floppier.


Staff member
We are the House of Pouch. Juba Kai has one that flops back & forth when he runs and Maliik, whose daddy is an Egyptian Mau, definitely inherited the Mau pouch but his isn't as floppy as Juba's. Taji looks like a tube sock, the only one with no pouch.


Staff member
Rufio definitely has one, but it's not huge though. It's barely noticeable in this picture. More so when he stands. I have been wondering why they have them.
There have been several explanations of the primordial pouch, all of them feasible and probably true:
The primordial pouch is a multi-functional flap. It provides a little extra protection against kicks, which are common during cat fights as a cat will try and rake with it's rear claws. In wild cats, the ancestors of domesticated felines, this pouch appears to be present to provide extra room in case the animal has the opportunity to eat a large meal and the stomach needs to expand. It's also been said that this stomach pouch allows the cat to bend and expand, allowing for faster running and higher jumping.
Read more: What Is the Primordial Pouch in Cats? |


Savannah Super Cat
One of my outside girls, Dani, has one. I always just thought she had a bit of a belly, that her previous owner fed her too much. But she's been with me for over year now and it's still there.