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The SV cat friendly home


Site Supporter
Mike and me have had SV fur babies for a bit more than two years now, and we've made some changes to our home to make it safer for them and to make them comfortable, but I'm always looking for tips and advice.
We have a kitty room, with scratching posts, litter boxes, cat beds, and a nice big window that they can retreat to at will, as well as cat beds in the two spare bedrooms and cat trees in our bedroom and on the first floor.
We have added some built-ins on the first floor that allow our boy who likes to get up high to do so safely.
What have you done to make your home cat friendly?
What changes have you made that have made your home a more comfortable place for your four legged family members?
What is the best thing you have done to your home (from your cat's perspective), and why?
Would love to see some photos to get more ideas :)


Staff member
The best thing we've done so far is screen in our patio. They love to be outside no matter the weather. The bird bath and bird feeder are directly across from the patio for additional entertainment. In summer I put out their kiddie pool. There are 2 cat trees out there but they like lounging on the patio furniture.

I am currently building a playground are in our sunroom with a high walkway around the room, scratch poles, floating shelves. I hope they think it's the next best thing.

We have trees, beds, perches, too many toys & cardboard boxes scattered every where. Our house looks like a day care center.


Staff member
Nikki, I am sure you have seen my cat walk...that is the most important thing I did in my home...the second most important thing I did was cat wheels, the third, an outside enclosure and the fourth lots of scratching posts and cat trees...

Now if I only had room for my stuff :)


Site Supporter
Thanks guys!
I added built-in bookcases on the first floor this summer, they were designed so that D could easily go from floor to ceiling, and relax comfortably on top of them. I'm having the carpenter add another set of bookcases in the spring which will enable him to do a circuit of 2/3 of the library 18" from the ceiling (so that he can stand up all the way). I'm also having the ledge on top of my kitchen cabinets finished, and padded, so that when he goes up there he is more comfortable. I'm trying to design with him in mind (the other two boys don't climb).
When I do my office, which will probably be next year (right now it is a table in an empty room), I'm seriously considering a catwalk.
Down the line when we finish the basement, I want to do a mini-jungle gym play area for them, but I need good plans (and a visually appealing design to convince Mike).

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I think adding the backyard enclosure was the best thing we did. It cut down on darting out the front door... and it is obvious how much pleasure it brings them to just hang out on a shelf there.

But I have plans for some more shelving to go in to add to what they have as they use the shelves as much as the cat trees... although I still think their favorite piece of furniture is our bed! LOL!


Staff member
It took me a looong time to add an outdoor enclosure for my intact cats and I am so glad I did - my cats LOVE it! I am now planning a second enclosure in the back yard for the rest of the clan...