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the tail of savannahs


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At first -Best regards from Moscow!!! Finally I want to introduce myself - I live in Moscow, I love Savannah's cat . I have a male F5( see album - my favorite Ambiente) and 3 females - Diamond (F2), Dazzle (F2) and Iris (F3 - the daughter from Ambiente and Diamond) ... All of my cats from A1SAVANNAHS.
all of my cats are gorgeous and I want to thank Kathrine and Martin Stucki for them ...Also I have kittens . Your site it is very interesting and cognitive for me. Thank you very much, that you are:)
The second I wonder what the tail of your Savannah?
It seems me my Iris (F3C) has magnificent tail


show me the tails of your cats, please


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Lol that is a nice tail! :) I have a Siamese mix at home with a fabulous tail!! Not a savannah, but puffy with black rings and a black tip :)
Yes, probably a beautiful tail of your cats :)...
Lol that is a nice tail! :) I have a Siamese mix at home with a fabulous tail!! Not a savannah, but puffy with black rings and a black tip :)
Nice, and what is the tail of your Savannah?


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Isis and a poofy tail running up the stairs during fetch. Around the base of her tail where there should be rings are spots and the rings start a little higher to the tip.

I've seen it poofed out completely where every hair is completely standing on end. She ran off before I could get a photo of it, hilarious.


Savannah Super Cat
Nyah is Princess Poofy Tail. When she is running around like a maniac, when playing fetch, when attacking this one chair that apparently shouldn't exist, poofy, poofy tail. It cracks me up.


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See?? Isn't that a lovely tail?? :)
Please excuse the pictures, they may look inappropriate but I had shorts on!!! Under the purple leopard blanket :) The angle just makes things look funny! And ignore the banana peel on my Ottoman....
Thank you It is the real nice tail:)