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The wait is on! Six more weeks!


Savannah Super Cat
After searching the entire country, I found this sweetheart only 100 or so miles away.

He's a male F3. I take him home in 6 weeks. Needless to say, I can't wait.

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Such a cutie! Congratulations. I know those 6 weeks are going to feel like 6 yrs. When was waiting for my first, I painted the entire inside of the house, washed all the windows, did a zillion small repairs in addition to buying cat toys, beds, trees, & perches -- anything to keep my mind occupied from counting the seconds, minutes, hours, days until my fur babe was home.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Adorable baby! Congratulations :) The wait will seem like forever, and Deborah has some great ideas to keep your mind occupied....

Pam and Will

Savannah Super Cat
Congrats!! A handsome boy!!!

I go with Deborah... get any house chores you're thinking about done now. We finished off some painting, hung some new lights and ceiling fans in a few rooms. Things we'd been putting off and better done without the loving assistance of a curious SV! :rolleyes: Also kitten proofing... they'll stick their little head anywhere it can fit!!

And it helps pass the time!


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Beautiful kitten , is this your first Savannah ? if it is, you just stepped into the fast lane. I highly recommend this breed of cat. I am glad your breeder is close by, we paided $350. for each kitten in shipping and it was hard for our 2 kittens.