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They never cease to amaze me...

Green eyed kitty

Mystique the dog/cat;Seraphimah spunky kitty
Where did they find that crap to write that article. Amazes me that non-Savannah owners are coming up with media lies to feed the masses.

My Savannah is so loving, sweet, playful, and eats dry food. Far from what they claim.

She loves people, our family and specially our baby. The two are best buddies!

Last night out in our field were three deer laying down to sleep. Our window was open, with a screen and our cat just sat and watched them contently. No aggressive behaviour what so ever!

Just shake my head in awe at how creative some people's fabricated stories about Savannahs can become!


Staff member
I responded, couldn't help myself. This Breyer chick is really twisted -- ultimate predator seizing victims who choose ignorance over fact. Here's my comment.

This article is full of inaccurate information and written in the typical sensational style designed to attract people vulnerable to drama. Seriously, before you pass judgement, do your homework. For instance, look up servals and read about their lifestyle. The only way they'd be able to eat a gazelle is if you shot it for them. Melissa, shame on you, for misrepresenting hybrids and preying on vulnerable people. Choose facts, not ignorance.

Trish Allearz

My issue is- they don't even need to research. I guess this is an internet issue, but man- they tend to go to one breeder's website (always a huge breeder) and then they spew bullcrap without even looking further. Well, I could write a great article on English Bulldogs- that they are healthy, don't need c-sections, etc, if I just went to ONE source. Drives me bonkers@

John Popp

Site Supporter
Here's who we're dealing with, the author of this gem.

Predator fish that walks and breathes is on the loose in Central Park

If I find that fish the next time I'm in New York, I'm putting it on a leash and taking it to Brooklyn to look for Melissa.

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And her brother Crazy !
Ugh. The article is disgusting. The author even goes on to say how a Savannah will even try to take down the family dog, including a German Shepherd. Does this look like he's trying to eat the family dog?? :rolleyes: View attachment 8123

OMG!! weren't you afraid to have them near each other!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahhaahha.. I agree.. I was so angry I will never respond.. Too many ignorant people believing everything they read. sooooo sad...:(

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
As I posted in another thread critical of an article in a east coast magazine, it appears there is an agenda which is being promoted. Goggling the author reveals a potpourri of articles on a wide range of subjects. Yet no credentials presented for experience or expertise in the commented matters. All tripe written for monetary gain. And yet the SV owners are criticized for spending their own hard earned money in a fashion they so choose, by a blowhard writing ignorant unsubstantiated drivel for the pure pursuit of monetary enrichment.
Walk a mile in the person's shoes you care to slander before you open your mouth to portray your outrage about a subject you know NOTHING about. We folks in the midwest have a name for you. Village idiot.