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Things you can't do around SV's - lol


Savannah Super Cat
So now that we have two maniacs I've realized there is a bunch of stuff I have to be careful about because they are well, maniacs and smarter than me. What do you avoid doing around your cat children?

1- making tutu's - apparantly tulle makes them want to dive into it
2 - making dinner - Biz taught JEngo to steal food
3 - sew - jengo runs to attack the thread
4 - knit - for obvious reasons
5 - pole dance - Biz lives at the bottom of the pole!!!!!!


Reincarnated cat Moderator
I was teasing.. ;) But set a precident. Now he expects it all the time. ;) Heh heh Good luck :)


Savannah Super Cat
Here we are - him in momma's face! lol! Makes landing difficult.


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