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Thomas Morgan - breeder reputation


Savannah Child
Anyone ever hear of Thomas Morgan? I've been communicating with a few breeders (including him) and his price is far below what everyone else is asking. Might be legit but it definitely raised a flag.
Also his ad reads that he's in NC but he is in OR (he told me its due to a job change). Flag 2

Figure I could use this resource to help determine weather or not to proceed.

Here is the link to his ad.
949 232-1492 <- Ill put this here so it can be grabbed in a future search


Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Felines4Us is a weird classified website as there ARE some legit ads but also some scams. I agree with your concerns about Thomas Morgan, I've not heard of him but $500 is a very low price for a Savannah kitten. What generation are the kittens supposed to be? If they were outcrossed F7As then it might be reasonable...

Jason E

Savannah Super Cat
Start googling things like the phone number. The email address. Lots of pets for sale.
That phone number is also associated to a "David Gentry" that sells english bulldogs, and the email is seperately linked to english bullldog and german shepherd puppy sales on all sorts of sites. The puppy ads are from texas, colorado, etc. Seems a bit suspicious. Also 949 is a California area code(south California at that), and while he could be from there, the ad is from NC and he says hes in oregon.


Savannah Child
Yup, I did a search on his name and number. Found all the bulldog pages and thought that he might be running a mill. After talking with him today I'm not comfortable so I'll be moving on.
Btw he said he had 2 F1s at 500 each and that he would ship via Uship which was included in the 500. SMH

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