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Trish Allearz

(No animals were harmed in the making of this photo- LOL)

Okay, so maybe I'm sick in the head, but I find it hilarious when Savannahs thump others- other cats, perhaps your hand, the dogs... It's a Serval smack and very reminiscent of them... Some regular ol' kitties thump too, but I've seen it more in the SV breed.

This is the most hilarious pic I've seen- this is F2B Chloe telling her Doxie friend if he doesn't back down, he's going to get popped on his noggin! Do you have any thump pics?


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LOL! Taj and Zuri are the major thumpers in this house...Ixas is usually the one who gets thumped...I will post one of those photos...Ixy just does not learn and keeps sticking his nose where it does not belong :roflmao:


LOL this is hilarious I love it! I guess I'm not the only sicko, as I was trolling YouTube watching videos of Servals/Savannahs thumping each other! Haha!!!! Man I'm not right, Lord I apologize :)


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I've got two superb thumpers but I've never captured them in a picture. Maliik is the king of thumpers. His arch nemesis is fruit. From the first day I brought him home, he has thumped the fruit in the fruit bowl until it bruises. Bananas are his special victims. He also hisses at it. I would love to know the origin of his issue with fruit. I wonder if there's a rehab facility for fruity cats?:confused:


That reminds me... My Siamese mix smacks the crap out of roses!!! I had a rose and she was so freaked out! LOL wish I had a video! She really attacks it for whatever reason and was scared of it for awhile :)
So far it's fruit and flowers.... Hmmm silly cats!