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TICA Cat Show today!

jungle boy

Savannah Super Cat
I had the pleasure of meeting Paige's kitten Orion today. I must honestly say that he is a very special boy. He was sweeter than pie as I carried him around. He purred all day long, rolled around on his back and gave me his belly to rub. His ears right now are those of a high generation Savannah even though he is an F5. His legs are long as all get out! He was great with the judges. There was a special vote at the show where all the guest were were given ballots and could vote for THEIR favorite cats. There were many hundreds of cats there and he was a winner and received a trophy. He has great type with a super sweet domestic personality. His new Daddy and Mommy are really blessed to be getting such a sweet AND handsome baby!


Savannah Super Cat
Orion sounds like he's a little sweetheart. He's very handsome and the fact that he got a trophy because of the guests makes him a great ambassador for the breed. This was at the TICA show in Parsippany, right?
Orion has a new Dad and yeah, I think he's pretty thrilled with the little guy too! Paige had such nice babies :)

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All the cat breeds will have to stand back and make room the new Savannah breed, their wild looks and their good temperament will win big time, Our cats are F3 chairwarmers and I was told they can't be in a cat show because they are F3 but we love our outcastes anyway, they are special and if you have a Savannah cat you will know what I mean. I DON'T do cat shows but some of the F5 cats today are drop dead beautiful and will rule TICA shows soon in my opinion. the corvette of cats is a Savannah.
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