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Savannah Super Cat
On August 30, 2010 you became a member of our family. You were so smart, that within 24 hours you figured out how to unlodge the shower door and began to explore your new home. You wanted to meet Nadia ( your Russian Blue sister) and CJ ( your scaredy cat Scottish Fold brother). You taught CJ how to use the cat door to go out by the pool even though he was 4 years older. You loved to play fetch and catch with the little mice toys. You loved to drown your red mouse in the water dish or pool. Bunny Batters were quickly killed. You only got into trouble when you climbed the ladder to explore the attic ( it was daddy's fault he left the ladder near the attic opening) and when you tried to jump too high and broke the vase. You were related to Rascal Dad's "Savannah". I miss seeing you climb the pool cage, sunning yourself. Your life was too short. Rest in Peace, we miss you. ( 4/30/10 - 8/9/14). Sue


Staff member
Rest in peace Tink, may the memories of your life keep you close in the hearts of those who loved you.


Staff member
Wow, Sue...I did not realize Tink was so young...RIP Tink - your life was cut short, but you live on over the Rainbow Bridge!