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Tiny the Sulcata



Here's recent pics of my 20 yrs old tortoise.. This is his nesting box that he crawls into every night and manages to turn around with the head facing the door. I'll have to get him a bigger nesting box this Spring. It's heated during the Fall and early Spring, but it's time to bring him inside the house for the long winter.

The bills are used to mark the size.






This was how big he was 19 years ago.. (not actual pic of Tiny, but a reference. we didn't have the technology then as now)



Here's a funny story about him...

3 years ago before we had the vinyl privacy fence, we had the chain link fence. On a Summer Saturday, I noticed the gate fence was opened and Tiny was missing. There was no way he could opened the fence gate.. So I called the police to make a theft and missing pet. The officer asked if I was serious about this report.. Grand theft and breaking an entry, HELL YES! He drove off and had another call in the neighborhood. 6 blocks away he sees a kid with a giant tortoise in a pull along wagon. He stops the kid and asked about the tortoise. I have my cell phone number with a permanent marker written on his shell. The cop takes him and Tiny to the station.. he wanted to show the fellow cops Tiny.. WRONG thing to do..

Tiny hates car rides because it messes around with his sense of direction, so he freaks out. When a Sulcata freaks out, they pee and poo like crazy.

The cop calls me to come down to the station to pick up Tiny. He was still in the front passenger foot area covered in poo and pee from thrashing it around (freaked out). I'm used to the stench and put him in a carrier. The kid's parents showed up and we all had a talk. Didn't press any charges.

A couple days later when the vinyl privacy was being erected, the same cop drives by the house. He told me that they couldn't get the smell out of the cop car, so it had to be re-apolstered.

So be prepared for a soil job whenever you have to take your Sulcata to the vet.


Staff member
hahaha...that is too funny! was the kid in the cop car with Tiny and the poo/pee?