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TLC whole life cat food


Savannah Super Cat

I'm getting my new savannah in 2 days and the breeder give the TLC whole life as cat food.

Is it better than my actual brand?

I give the purina vet diet dental health at Abbas (f4sbt) and Mia.

The price is very interesting.

Here the website:

Any pro or con are welcome.


Staff member
The diets look pretty similar, except that Purina also uses corn which makes me cringe a bit (although I'm not thrilled about the grains both use either). If you decide to transition your new girl onto the Purina, as Deborah said, be sure to do it slowly, over a couple of weeks time; and I would wait for a few weeks before even attempting to transition her, until she is well settled in and over the stress of adjusting to her new home.


Savannah Super Cat
I was thinking to switch to TLC with Abbas. The food is cheaper, 16$ less for 16lbs.

I run out of my bag purina, i Will buy a small one.