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TNT - getting fixed


Savannah Super Cat
I just thought I would post my experience so far with having little Targa-Bear and Turbo-Monster and their stay at the vets.

Today I took Turbo and Targa to the vet, to get fixed. It was an okay ride there, no real problems. But, me, being me, I went a little overboard for getting them ready.

I packed an overnight bag for the kittens.

Apparently, it's not a normal thing.. When I handed over the bag for them to stay the night at the vets, I got quite the look... We don't have many Savannah owners in my town - actually I'm not sure there are any, besides us.

Now, I'm officially a crazy cat mom.


Savannah Super Cat
Unfortunately.. My family is full of jokesters... Soo Christmas dinner is going to be fun!

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Bummer that they had to stay overnight, but in that case I would have done the same thing. They are in a strange and scary environment, they need some familiar items to help them not feel so homesick!!!


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When I worked at a vet, pets came in for routine surgeries with overnight bags all the time. Mostly blankets that smelled like home and their normal food, so they wouldn't have to eat vet food.

I am well known as a crazy cat lady...and I only have 2 cats :p


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But you be a SWEET crazy cat lady.

Well the two cats is just because I live at home. When I do move, I will be a legit crazy cat lady...well, animal lady. I'm already ogling bunnies and horses and dogs
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