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Today is National Cat Day



Wow! I think I made it through them all...almost 400 at this point (although there are some dups in there).

My unscientific survey of the user-submitted ones...only because I was curious as to how many people actually do adopt purebreds vs shelter cats or DSHs. Not many, because most of the pictures said they were adopted from local shelters, which was really nice :)

Persians seem to be the most common of the purebreds (including himies)
Maine Coons the 2nd most
Bengals might be 3rd but they weren't all labeled so it's just a guess.
There were also a few British Shorthairs in there, and a few Siamese
One Devon Rex
One Sacre de Bermanie (never heard of this before)
I saw one cat that looked like it might be a Savannah and one that might be a Ragdoll, but neither labeled as such.

Off to look up a Sacre de Bermanie lol

Update: this just means Birman, man I can be slow on the uptake!