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Tooth question


Site Supporter
Ok so this is Xander and he is a Siamese cat. He just passed his 6 month birthday.
He is gaining weight and looks good for his size. The question is about bad breath and red upper gums and maybe a loose tooth. Most of the teeth look small.
My vet that I would normally take the cats to sort of screwed things up when they called me back and said OOPS we can't do that time the Doctor won't be here.
The one thing that they did say was it could just be baby teeth falling out. The teeth do look small in the upper jaw and the lower jaw being much larger. So what do
you all think? Just the baby teeth on the way out or something else. He eats hard food and has not had any problems crunching it. My boys when they were this age
did not seem to have any problems with teeth. I will be taking him in to get checked and he also needs rabies vaccination anyway.

Thank You for the help.


Site Supporter
My boys had bad breath when they were teething. Red gums, too. All fine now. I'd get him checked anyway, all but one of our childhood Siamese cats had tooth problems - usually around 5-6 years.

John Popp

Site Supporter
I agree, one of our boys had dual choppers, aka shark teeth for about a week before his baby teeth fell out. Can't say that I noticed any smell, but there was certainly some pink gums throughout the tooth fairy visits.