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John T.

Savannah Child
Hi Guys/Gals

My little 5 month old F3 male seems to have one of the lower jaw cannine teeth dangling on....I don't know if he's bitten of chewed something.....

Does anyone know is this supposed to happen? Do cats change teeth when young like people do? Or has he broken a cannine and now he will only have 3 forever?



SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
They do lose their baby teeth. If you are lucky, you sometimes find them.
My only concern, is that once I had a kitten who actually broke their adult canine tooth. If it is dangling, my guess it is moments from falling off.


Loyal Servant
They will likely eat them since that is when they will break loose most often. Getting burlap or waffle weave kind of toys that are strong enough will help teething and gumming. I was lucky to find only two when having a toy brought to me for fetch and spit out with the toy!


Chirps & Massive Headbutts
Does anyone know is this supposed to happen?
I believe my vet said around 5-6 months.

Shango had 2x upper canines for a while at 6 months (1 month ago). At that time, my vet said the duplicate canines should fall out soon and they did. If they had stayed in past 7 months, my vet recommended he should pull them (to avoid infection). dj