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Top This- My Savannah...

Trish Allearz

Okay- just trying to have fun...

Post ONE thing your SV broke (or inadvertently destroyed- hahahaha) and then the NEXT person- top the post before yours! Keep your GOOD things for later on in the game and if you have pictures- extra kudos to you!

Okay- I'll go first...

My Savannahs...

ripped apart my cookbooks


Staff member
Mine broke the fronts off of all my a/v equipment - the part that snaps on to protect the woofers and tweeters ;)


Mine chewed through the power cord of my mini surveillance system ($500).

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member

This thread is likely going to make me very happy my Savannahs aren't too destructive. They've knocked things over (including drinks onto hubby's laptop to kill it) but they don't tend to chew or tear things up. That's my British Shorthair's job...

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
People used to come to my house and see our chewed on dining chairs, and say "wow your Savannahs are bad with chairs!" and I'd have to say "they were pristine before we got our Brit"...HE is the one that clawed and chewed them up! So far the new ones don't seem to have inspired that treatment, don't think their design is as friendly to being able to lay on top of them and chew...

Georgie is evil, he just looks like a fat cuddly cherub ;-)


Savannah Super Cat
6 crystal wine glasses that were were in the highest shelf cupboard in our kitchen. I came though the door to the sound of shattering glass on the tile. Confetti, my F2, was deliberately pushing them out one by one to experience the exciting mayhem below her.


My Savannahs are really quite sedate. They pulled the plastic part out of the disposal in the sink and chewed it. Vinnie chews fabric, especially wool fabric and once managed to eat a giant hole in one of my favorite sweaters. But other than that I have more trouble with the Maine Coon, he is huge and loves to watch things fall down.