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Tornado safety and your pets

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
I ran across this article on Yahoo today. With this weekend's threat of bad weather in much of the U.S., I thought it very timely and a reminder to have a plan in place to keep your pets as safe as possible if your local tornado shelters won't accept animals :(

For instance, we are fortunate to have a basement, and have moved all of our cats to the relative safety there when we have had tornado warnings. For those who may not be so lucky to have a basement or storm shelter, and your local tornado shelter refuses to allow pets during might consider putting your pets in crates in the safest area of your home (usually a bathroom in the center of the house), then go to the shelter yourselves. Do not ride the storm out in your car or home! As much as we love our pets, human lives are irreplaceable and your safety is of the utmost importance.....

You might try to search ahead of any storm alerts for a safe building that can be designated as a pet-permitted shelter. Volunteer to oversee and advertise that tornado shelter option. This might be as simple as a neighbor with a basement or storm shelter. Perhaps your local tornado shelter might agree to allow pets only if they are contained in a crate, and can designate a room or area for pet-owners or have some suggestions for another location.

Keep crates or collars/harnesses with tags and leashes organized and within easy access in case of quick evacuation. You might also keep a bag handy with bottled water, some food, a blanket or sheet to cover crates, small litter box or puppy pads and wipes to take along with you. DON'T spend time looking for those items, but have them already packed and ready to go during tornado season.

If anyone has any other ideas, feel free to share!

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Thanks, Kristin. We rarely have tornadoes either, but have had some very scary weather with warnings going off and huddled with the pets downstairs....

I hope everyone stays safe this weekend!


Staff member
This is great advice for any type of disaster - hurricaine, wildfire, flood, earthquake... thanks for posting Pam!


Savannah Super Cat
Great advice, southwestern Ontario,( great lakes area) where I live is considered to be in the northern section of tornado alley. We get one or two watches and warnings annually. Fortunately we have a basement and a plan if needed. Another great piece of equipment to have nearby is a battery operated or wind up radio for the latest local news updates, especially during power outages

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
Great advice. My neighborhood was hit by a tornado in the pre Savannah days. So it does happen.
The critters were rounded up and in the basement. Looking back it is hard to believe the roundup was executed in under 60 seconds.