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Toys in water bowl?



Hello everyone.

Does anyone else’s cat put heir toys in their water bowl?

For the past 3 mornings straight, Nova has been taking one of his stuffed toys, dropping it in his water bowl, then bringing it on to the bed and placing it beside me.

I’ve been waking up beside A soaking wet toy duck daily.
The first morning, I thought he peed on it in my bed.
But I noticed the wet spot on the floor beside the water bowl.
I put it on the heater so it dried out.
Later that day he was playing with it as per usual.

Then the next morning, same thing, soaking wet ducky beside me.
And again this morning.

Is this going to be a regular routine here ? Lol

Why the need to submerge it?
Why the need to bring it to bed for me?

Anyone else familiar with this type of behaviour?


Staff member
Several of my cats love to bathe their toys in the water bowl, particularly the soft, fabric toys that then then drag dripping all over the house....

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I had one who did that if I didn't wake up to toss her mousie, she'd go drown it in the water bowl and then drop on my head for maximum effect. I am not sure I understand this behavior...


Well, I have a hypothetical theory here.
I noticed the toys Nova has been soaking in his water, contain catnip.

Last evening I went to bring him his dinner and found "Ducky" submerged in his water bowl.
The water had turned a faint brownish-green from the catnip inside it.

I think Nova has figured out how to make catnip tea haha.


I’m up at work, but my wife’s said this morning she heard Nova crying upstairs.
She went up to check on him and found his water bowl empty, with ducky soaking wet sitting in it.
She filled the bowl up again but kept an eye to see if he would do it in front of her.
Nope! Seems like it’s only in the mornings he likes to do it,
And to my fear, yes this has become a daily routine. Lol.


Site Supporter
This is also one of Vito's favorite games, mornings wouldn't be the same without a soaking wet mousy being brought into the bed. Thats of course after it being dragged dripping all the way from the kitchen. The little darlings aren't they.