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Toys that last


Savannah Super Cat
the only thing that i have found to last is the cat wands that have the replaceable ends... at least and besides creating your own the ones you can replace are great. I do superglue feathers back in. ( i was told by a vet in training, that super glue is safe, so going off that...... ) i already start super glueing feather back into other toys and i think they hold up 10x better. If anyone has an opinion on the super glue being unsafe please share, i took this info from a vet going through school and he said also at the time it was perfectly fine to super glue shepherds ears together so the cartilage would be trained to stick taking that info i figured it would be just fine for the cats as well and so far i have had no issues except wand toys lasting longer!
The brand "super glue" whose primary ingredient is cyanoacrylate is safe enough to use in marine aquariums. Ive used in my 75 and 180 gallon aquarium for years. If it is safe enough to use in a situation where there is such a delicate balance required to sustain fish, coral and all other creatures in them, then I would be pretty sure is safe for savannahs. Just makes sure it has cyanoacrylate as its primary ingredient not all do and I can't speak to how safe they are if they don't.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
It's a similar compound to that used in surgical glue also... once it is set it is pretty safe I believe. The compounds used in surgical glue are slightly different and less irritating to tissue.