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Toys !!!!!


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Aspen did make a full recovery, the hospital kept Aspen until he was eating good, here are some pictures from today, Aspen love's being a enclosure cat with a nice bamboo thicket.
Aspen is absolutely beautiful, what a handsome boy indeed, love his stature, long , leggy and lean just as a Savannah should be. Loving his bat cave :) happy to hear he made a complete recovery.


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I am going to try this again.

I hope this will be up and processed by sometime tonight.
Let me know if it flops again.
Great video Sean, worked no problem this time, great source of entertainment for them both, mines also love the ripple rug, loved watching Bella and Xander playing and having fun, Bella is a big cat :) funny the way she pounces on Xander.