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Savannah Super Cat
Is a squirt of water a good idea to use on a 4 month old kitten to prevent bad behavior? It is supposed to be effective to keep them off the kitchen table for example, but I don't want to turn him into an agressive cat. Any feedback appreciated.


Savannah Super Cat
I used water from the start with Taz. He could care less if it wasn't directly in the face. He turned out fine.


Savannah Super Cat
We did the water thing at first but now Thor takes the hint when we point the bottle towards him but Loki stands there defiantly daring you to squirt him again.


Site Supporter
We give them a squirt. Most of the time, if they see your reach for it, they stop doing what they were doing. One cat, of course, doesn't care and just licks the water off!


Staff member
It is a great training device, and for those really 'persistent' Savannahs, adding a bit of vinegar will help reinforce its point.