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Transporting to....wrong state!


Eddies a ham!
KHTC (a volunteer rescue transport)
2 hrs · Edited ·
ABEL IS SAFE - But please everyone don't fly your pets cargo, too risky! I know that KHTC has a long wait for transport but your precious family members will be safe.

To everyone that thinks flying a dog to you is is fact that has me sick to my stomach....I helped to get a dog from a shelter and into foster this past weekend, Abel went into a foster and flew Delta Dash left yesterday from Nashville, TN flying to Portland, Maine. THE @#$% AIRLINE FLEW HIM TO PORTLAND, OREGON! DON'T FLY YOUR ANIMALS, I CAN'T PREACH THIS ENOUGH. NOW WE DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HOW ABEL IS! Abel has been in a crate since yesterday at noon.

Confirmed on plane to his new family.
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Courtesy of Face Book; as stated I drive >100 miles to help with rescues, I got this post this morning. Thought it might interest some of you; it's why I was so worried about my little angel flying all alone...
Tristan Anderson <> accompanies your angels, Vanessa @ Shuttle Pets drives from door to door, and I'm certain there are more pet escorts out there. If they have to fly they shouldn't do it alone, we called on Eddies location every 30 minutes from pickup...there were 4 airline security officers sitting with Eddies crate waiting on his new Dad...with Abels flight no one called to check on him, the offices were closed until this morning....he sdpent the night in a cargo holding area, no potty breaks, he is on his way (again)...

Trish Allearz

Well, let's get our facts straight though. Typically, if an animal is kept overnight, the airport either kennels him there if they have kennels or they send them to a local boarding kennel. Yes, shipping is nerve wracking and things can and have gone tragically wrong, but let's present things factually.

Shipping cargo does have its risks, but animals are fed/watered if crated for over 8 or 12 hours. Animals are kennels if left overnight. Etc.

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