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trapping a wayward savannah


Savannah Super Cat
The good news is our lost F2 boy is alive and apparently healthy and having a good time on the lam. The bad news is we have been unsuccessful in our attempts to trap him. We see him on the neighbors cameras ands are getting used to his habits. Any suggestions?


Reincarnated cat Moderator
Odin!! Get your little hiney home!!! NOW. Your humans are missing you and worrying about you. And so are their friends out here in chat land.


Site Supporter
Naughty Odin! Why are SVs such escape artists? There was another thread on here about a month ago with really good suggestions on how to get a little traveler home. Some included leaving worn clothes near the house. Another was favorite food on a window sill. Good luck and keep us posted.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Have you gotten some good large humane traps to put out with good smelly food in them?

What is the big thing around his neck? Guessing it isn't a GPS scanner...

I guess I'd be camping out in the neighbor's yard for a few nights!


Eddies a ham!
That post said to leave the window open; seems our SVs play mostly at night & they came in mostly for food...perhaps they get lost easier than DSHs? Which neighbor has the most visits? Is your F2 neutered? Does someone have a kitty in heat? Something is working right because he is still in the neighborhood...I agree with the cages if nothing else has worked get his favorite treats out. Animal control might help out with that...


Savannah Super Cat
We have a have a heart trap. Trapped a skunk one night :( now is up on a table. A fox went in the other night stole the bait and didnt get trapped. I haven't checked last nights surveillance yet. he is neutered.


Savannah Super Cat
One of my problems is the neighbor doesn't want anyone else near the property. Animal control is out of the question. I don't care what people do on their own property but this is California after all and its grow season. The guy is very nice and loves cats.


Eddies a ham!
Steve, I'm confused - I was talking about setting up traps for the F2...Animal control is out of the question. I don't care what people do on their own property but this is California after all and its grow season. < Not sure what this means either but if there is a kitty in heat might be easier to catch yours with theirs...set up your trap & wait but if a fox got out so will the F2; best bet use the dirty laundry & a open window. If your F2 is frequently visiting that neighbor ask him to set a trap to help you; better than a hungry F2 pulling out their garbage or taking up residence at his house...Good luck! Don't suppose any of your friends have a kitty in heat they are willing to bring over? If he smells her it's ALMOST a cat in the hand!


Savannah Super Cat
Sorry about being vague. He's growing marijuana. He is really helping a lot. Keeping the cameras on setting the traps. We can't leave his window open or his cats will get out.