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Treat time ...

I looked through the forums and maybe I missed, but I didn't see anything about treats. I've been using treats as part of reward system for Zeus with training.

I've been feeding him these


Prolly the worst thing for him, but he scarfs them down like there is no tomorrow, and it is the only treat my very finicky domestic male will eat.

Pls let me know what you all use for treats for your sv.



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Trish Allearz

I use any treat that they like... It's a treat! Don't feel guilty if it's not top notch Grade A perfect whatever... We don't eat perfect every day- we always have a treat here and there (for example- I had a Snickers bar after dinner yesterday! And I sooo love those new tacos at Taco Bell with the Dorito shell). They don't eat treats as a balanced diet, but a few here and there... I think the treats you have are just fine (and most of my cats love them!).


Savannah Super Cat
Tink loves all favors of Party Mix and all flavors of Good Life Treats. All 3 cats prefer the treats that crunch. We even tell them that we want to hear the crunches and they tend to chew and crunch each treat a few times. Hopefully it helps to clean their teeth. (probably just a myth). Sue

Michelle Anderson

Savannah Super Cat
mine eat those Temptations ones...all different flavors and they are cheap! Also, a new one we got the other day called Crave(they are soft ones)...Soft ones are kinda harder to find nowadays for some reason....But they will eat anything most